My Approach


I truly believe that singing comes from the soul! As such, I see my role as being dedicated to nurturing your singing aspirations and providing you with the tools to do so. As a vocal coach my whole approach to teaching is a holistic one, and at the very centre of all singing lessons is you – the student!

My teaching approach is drawn from a variety of highly reputable singing techniques and methodologies, however, as no two students are the same I don’t find it beneficial to adhere to a rigid teaching formula or a specific lesson structure. The first few singing lessons that I provide to my students are designed to cover the basic tools of vocal technique, including, but not limited to, body alignment, breath management and support. In fact, I consider good breath management to be an essential requirement for all singers, regardless of their age, experience or singing style! Additional core principles and techniques which I feel are essential components for teaching any singer include an understanding of how the sound is produced, together with work on resonance, registers and placement.

Once these elements are in place I strive to discover and mould the performing artist within. Here we will cover musical interpretation and phrasing, communication to the audience, stage presence, microphone and recording techniques, audition preparation, performance anxiety and a whole lot more!

…but what about artistry?

As with all music, technique is not the only element which makes a successful musician or a ‘perfect’ performance! Just as important is the soul and emotion behind the performance. For me, technique without the artistry is like a watercolour without the colour! Technique is all well and good, and indeed, technique is necessary to prevent strain and other forms of vocal damage, but without the artistry, without the emotion, it is only two dimensional singing. What I ask all my students to provide is full colour singing in 3D! For this reason I will work with students to help them understand the meaning and emotion behind the lyrics and then convey this to the audience with passion and feeling.

Additionally, I will work with all of my students to create the sort of sound that they want to make; from soul all the way through to musical theatre belt. However, at the core of my teaching is the understanding that any, and all, techniques which I teach during singing lessons are done so safely and carefully in order to avoid vocal strain and, ultimately, vocal damage.

I hope that by teaching students to combine technique with artistry, they will have the ability to provide convincing performances which will envelop their audience each and every time.

Most importantly though, my lessons are all about having fun! By working with you in a friendly, positive atmosphere, I aim to provide you with the confidence you need to cross all boundaries and explore new territory.